Casa do Fieiro

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About us

Fieiro (noun): From Galician language — a shoal of fishes and seafood.

The country house is placed in the limits of the rural nucleus of Fieiro (Miñortos - A Coruña), in the north area of Barbanza's peninsula, with views to the sea.

Surrounded by Noia's estuary, it's a great choice for marine tourism, led by the nearness of Portosin's Nautical Club.

In addition to that, there is a ramp and a quay in the proximity of the place that allows the training of several nautical sports, where the guests could use our own boats.

The 16 beachs within the council shape a wide, affordable and diverse range of choices of leisure and sports during all the year.

As far as Nature tourism is concerned, we can find in the area The Natural Park of Corrubedo and the Carregal and Vixan's lacoon, the Natural place of A Curotiña, the territories of Rede Natura of Corrubedo, and also the Tambre's mouth and estuary.

As far as Cultural tourism is concerned, in the surroundings of the property we can see one of the most interesting celtic villages of Galicia, not only for its good condition, but also for its magnificent landscape values, and the Baroña's celtic village.

It's important to emphasize the presence of Noia's village, with its artistic and historical heritage, and the diverse catalogued and declared monuments. In the same fashion, the Axeitos dolmen makes a first magnitude archeologic milestone.

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